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New UPS Technology Available
These specifications describe a high efficiency continuous duty, three-phase, on-line, double conversion, solid-state Uninterruptible Power Supply system (UPS). The UPS shall operate utilizing the existing power distribution system to provide high quality, uninterruptible power to critical loads.
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The UPS shall consist of an AC/DC multi-level Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) Rectifier, DC/DC Converter/Battery Charger, DC/AC multi-level IGBT Inverter, integral static bypass, front-accessible controls, display, and monitor.

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IGBT Rectifier converts AC input power to DC power for the inverter and for charging the batteries. The IGBT inverter supplies clean and stable AC power continuously to the critical load. The UPS Inverter output shall be synchronized with the bypass AC source when the bypass source is within the AC input voltage and frequency specifications.

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Toshiba G9000 UPS

Toshiba G9000 UPS


If the UPS becomes overloaded the UPS controls shall automatically transfer the critical load from the inverter output to the bypass AC source without interruption. When the overload condition is removed, after a preset period the UPS will automatically re-transfer the critical load from the bypass to the inverter output without interruption of power to the critical load.

An optional manual make before break maintenance bypass panel may be provided to electrically isolate the UPS for maintenance or test without affecting load operation.


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